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What an amazing read and recipes! Thanks!

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When I saw your vlogs from Dubrovnic I knew I needed to add it to my bucket list and this newsletter only convinced me more that it'd be worth the trip. Like every new city it sounds like food and drink can be a bit hit or miss so it's good to be prepared for that - but like any coastal city I'm not surprised that the seafood is what to go for and that sounds wonderful to me!

It would have been fun to hear more from Ben, but I love how vivid your descriptions are. They kick-start a small cinematic just reading which is always a good thing when reading travel blogs. I look forward to future newsletters!

Being allergic to dairy I'll have to modify the first recipe quite a bit if I'm to try it, but they're all something new and interesting and I'm definitely going to explore them. Thank you!

And just out of curiousity...do you have any regrets from this trip? Something you didn't do or try or something you should have skipped? Besides too much alcohol, that is...

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