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Really enjoyed this newsletter, although I have been baking all of our bread since returning to England after living in France (where there is a decent boulanger on every street corner) there is always something new to learn. Pan crystal will be my next experiment although I was planning on 100% hydration rather than Kush’s 110! Have tried Japanese shokupan but found the results too sweet, using the same technique with less sugar did not give the same amazing texture. Still experimenting to perfect that.

This was my first Sorted newsletter so very much looking forward to future editions. Have been watching the videos for some years.

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Thanks Diana, happy baking!

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It would be amazing to have a proper explanation of the impact different ingredients have on bread making. I find that the more I know, the more I realise that I don’t know. For example why does the addition of sugar make such a difference to the final result? Why does bread made with Italian 00 flour differ so much from the same recipe made with French T65? So many questions but I have yet to find a website or baking channel that properly explains the science behind bread making. Is this something that Sorted might deal with? Fingers crossed.

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